Supplements FULLY CUSTOMIZED To Your Body, Goals, Needs and Nutritional Gaps

A One of a Kind Supplement Designed Just For You

Here’s How It Works…

Step 1. Consultation

You’ll speak with a Redefining Strength Registered Dietitian to go over your goals, lifestyle, health concerns, and, if desired, even your bloodwork to create a unique supplement for you. The involvement of Redefining Strength Registered Dietitians (RDs) in the process adds a layer of professional oversight and ensures your supplement is based on the latest scientific research.

This prevents the risks associated with self-prescribed over-the-counter vitamins and ensures that the supplements are both safe and effective. We can even adjust and modify your formula as your goals and lifestyle change.

Step 2. Formulation

After your call, we get to work creating the formula for your custom supplement. We hand-pick from over 250 premium-quality ingredients to create a blend unique to you. We customize the dosage down to the milligram and microgram of each ingredient.

We only use the most effective and bioavailable ingredients for your personalized formula. There are no artificial fillers or binders, just the highest quality ingredients.

This is also the fun part where you get to pick your own supplement name to see on the packaging.

Step 3. Production

We’ve partnered with an NSF GMP certified manufacturing facility to ensure your supplement is of the highest quality available anywhere.

Your formulation is tested three separate times for purity and quality: when the raw materials are received, during production, and before we ship you the final product.

We conduct both internal and third-party testing, including microbiological testing, physical testing, analytical concentration testing (e.g., ICP-MS, HPLC), and identity testing (FT-IR).

Step 4. Optimization

After making your supplement, we ship it directly to your doorstep. Whether you select a 3-month supply or a 6-month supply, you’ll receive your product in fully recyclable packaging, along with your unique instructions on how to take it.

After you finish your supply, you’ll check in with your dietitian. We can adjust your formula from there based on your current status. Have your goals changed? Have your symptoms improved? Your formula can change and adjust as your body does.

Formulated By a Professional, Not an Algorithm

What Makes Us Different.

Most personalized supplements work the same way. You take a generic quiz, and an algorithm creates a formula for you. There’s a big problem with this method… A quiz can’t understand how you’re feeling. It doesn’t understand the nuance of… well… YOU!

That’s why Redefining Strength custom supplements are designed by a Registered Dietitian who consults with you first to create your formula. This way, we make sure we understand all the nuances of what your body truly needs.


Lighten Your Load.

Most supplements and vitamins provide an oversimplified and artificial blend of nutrients at doses that don’t align with what your body actually needs. That means you end up with a generic multivitamin with low-quality ingredients, or you end up buying loads of bottles and taking tons of capsules.

For example, if you were to buy a 90-day supply of Calcium, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Omega 3, and Magnesium, you’d end up buying 30 bottles and taking 9 capsules a day. We can condense that into 1 bottle and 3 pills per day.



3 Month Supply

Fully Custom Supplement

Registered Dietitian Consultation

3 Month Personal Formula

Registered Dietitian Check in

$450 In Total


6 Month Supply

Fully Custom Supplement

Registered Dietitian Consultation

6 Month Personal Formula

Registered Dietitan Check in


$700 In Total (Save Over 22%)

How We Make Your Formula

We take a scientific approach to design your formula using a 4-step approach that we call the DOSE Method. We use this method to ensure you’re getting the main ingredients you need to address your primary goals and concerns, but also secondary ingredients to support and fill nutritional gaps as well as aid in the delivery of nutrients.

The DOSE Method

Define – We define The main issues and symptoms and pick hero ingredients to address these symptoms Head On.

Optimize- We Optimize around Your “Oh And” Goals. These are the secondary Ingredients to address additional symptoms.

Support – These are ThE Ingredients that Provide nutrient support To the Top 2 Tiers and address any additional deficiencies.

Enhance – These Ingredients Aid in the delivery of nutrients and address any pathways that need additional support.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

A 3 month supply of a custom supplement is $150/mo ($450) and a 6 month supply is $116/mo ($700).

The price is all-inclusive for your consultation with a Registered Dietitian, your custom supplement manufacturing, and delivery to your doorstep!



How long will it take to get my supplement?

After you place your order you’ll speak with one of our Registered Dietitians to start your formula. From there we manufacture your custom supplement. The whole process including the custom manufacturing takes about 10-14 business days until it arrives at your doorstep!

Is this a monthly subscription?

Nope! We offer an option for a 3-month or 6-month supply. There are no ongoing fees unless you decide to reorder. If you do choose to reorder, we can make any necessary adjustments or changes to your formula depending on how your needs and goals change.



What is included in the cost?

The price is all-inclusive for your consultation with a Registered Dietitian, your custom supplement manufacturing, and delivery to your doorstep!



How do I take the supplement?

The supplements are capsules. Your individual instructions on how to take them will be printed on the packaging.

Can I update my formula?

Absolutely! If you choose to reorder your supplement, we can make as many adjustments as you need anytime you place an order.



I've had testing done can you use those results to create my formula?

Absolutely! We can take into account all forms of blood and DNA test results. Your dietitian will go over these with you during your formula consultation.



How long does the supplement good for?

Your custom supplements are guaranteed to be at full efficacy for at least 6 months. The manufacturing date will be clearly stated on your pouch.



Do you offer refunds?

Due to the individualized nature of our products, and because all of our formulas are made 100% custom to each individual, returns/refunds are not offered.