Cinnamon Roll Swirl Whey


✅ 24g of Protein Per Serving

✅ Kow carb, and Keto friendly.

✅ Nearly 5G of Glutamine per scoop


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A Whey That’s Packed Full Of Flavor

We formulated our Cinnamon Roll Whey Protein to not only fuel your performance but also to taste AMAZING. Unlike most other brands, we don’t hide our amino acid profile. With nearly 5G of Glutamine per scoop, you’ll get the amino acids your body needs to fuel performance.* Our pre-digestion enzyme blend allows for the release of essential amino acids for easier digestion and to help you repair muscle.

Perfect Post-Workout

With 24g of protein PER SCOOP our Cinnamon Roll Swirl Whey Protein packs the punch you need post workout. By consuming a fast-absorbing like this immediately following your workout, you’ll supply your muscles with the amino acids they need to repair and grow.

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